Let give the Dogs the care that they deserve!

Dear family, I am Lydia Johnson, the founder of ‘Elon Inu CEO.’ You are all very welcome here. I want to start by explaining the motivation behind this project before going into detail about my goals.

Most of us are dog lovers. We adore dogs because we know that they are loyal creatures who always stick by and look out for their owners. Because of this, many people, especially in Europe, feel that having a dog at home is necessary. I myself have two dogs, which I adore because they adore me. Elon Musk consistently support dogs because he knows how devoted they are to their owners.

He must, however, be looking for someone who will proactively take action to help the dog! I am here, then! For the first time, a woman is going to start a project with a dog name, and I think it will be a successful project. All previous successful projects with dog names have been led by men.

My vision is clear. I want to grant dogs the rights they deserve. They should not have their name used in an inappropriate way, such as when someone starts a project with a dog but does nothing to help dogs. Elon Musk is the one who frequently discusses pets in his tweets. I called my project “Elon Inu CEO” as a result. Elon’s Inu will be my starting point, and I will spread it over the planet.

The steps I am going to take are as follows: First, I will work with all prior dog projects, and I am willing to meet with them if they genuinely love or support the steps I want to take for dogs. A few days ago, Elon tweeted that he would adopt a dog who failed government training for being too friendly in response to Billy Markus’ (the inventor of Dogecoin) tweet. All dog-rescue organizations will have our support. We will donate to a good cause. The “Elon Inu Foundation,” which will care for canines, will be established. We will assemble international teams to help us. Suppliers of dog food will work with us to accept our currency as payment for dog food.

Please continue to support my vision till I am successful in my quest. This project is not going to the moon or Mars, but it is going somewhere with no limitations!!

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